You can’t have a cat with a small budget? That’s what you don’t know about these cheap and good cat food. Let’s take a look at the ranking

Can’t you keep a cat if you have a small budget and are poor? I don’t know when it started to blow up the argument that rich people keep cats. Keeping a cat has never had anything to do with the rich or the poor. It is only connected with love and responsibility. High price has high price maintenance method, and low price has parity maintenance method. Today, I sorted out a cheap and good cat food ranking list for you, and the excrement shoveling officials rushed forward together.

Weijia nutrition gas station cat food is a cat food with relatively moderate protein content. Weijia’s feature is meat + expanded grain, which adjusts the protein to the state that cats can best absorb. Weijia’s fat comes from chicken oil and fish oil. Chicken oil can improve the palatability of cat food and make cats like it more; fish oil can beautify cat’s hair.

everyone who knows Weijia’s cat food knows that the sandwich cake, which improves the palatability, is also the feature of its family. Weijia nutrition gas station has increased the sandwich by 50% on the basis of the past, which is enough to be listed in the “cheap and good cat food ranking list”. Many excrement removing officials don’t know much about the use of beet meal, the fourth in the ingredient list. The role of beet meal is to promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis of cats, so that cats can digest and absorb better. Weijia
ranked No. 1 in terms of short and No. 888 in terms of comprehensive ranking.

this is a cat food with high protein and high fat, which is suitable for cats who need fattening and muscle building. Also added yucca, chicory, probiotics fermentation products, cats can eat better digestion and absorption.

from the point of view of formula, protein and oil with high strength are mixed with animals and plants. From the perspective of protein, sulico is excellent in avoiding rice and other low-cost allergenic materials, and uses potato, which is a grain with low allergy risk. However, from the perspective of fat, it has some defects. As a carnivore, cats need more animal fat, and vegetable fat may be boring for cats.

the protein quality of the leading sea and land dual cat food is very high. The raw material is transparent and does not contain grain protein. It is suitable for sensitive cats to eat. The palatability of cat food is very good, and probiotics are added to regulate the stomach. The cat food smells of fish flavor, and the diced beef liver can be seen in the granules.

it’s just that the crude fiber content of the sea and land dual cat food is slightly higher. Although there are probiotics added to regulate the intestines and stomach, cats with “glass stomach” are not suitable for eating. This is the reason why it ranks third in the “cheap and good cat food ranking list”. If it does not have this shortcoming, it can still rank higher.

different budgets, different choices, refuse to blindly change the wind and act according to our ability. Cat food is all over the world. What suits you is the most important thing. According to the “cheap and good cat food ranking list” compiled by me, the excrement removing officer can select the most suitable cat food for his own owner~