You can’t quit smoking, but at least don’t smoke at these three times. The lung may not be able to bear it

If you find that you are very addicted to smoking and you can’t quit smoking, you should refrain from smoking at some important time points. Otherwise, if you still smoke at these special time points, you will get harmful substances inside, and your lung function will decline. After you are injured, it will be very difficult for you to keep healthy, which may increase the incidence of lung cancer.

lung cancer is a disease with high incidence rate of death and is closely related to long time smoking. Therefore, it is important to avoid smoking in some dangerous periods. So, how to quit smoking can not give up, which time point should be restrained?

if you can’t quit smoking, you should stop smoking after getting up in the morning, which is very important. After a whole night’s sleep, the blood viscosity is relatively high when you just get up in the morning, and the circulation speed of the body becomes slow. If you smoke immediately, the acquisition of harmful substances in tobacco will further increase blood viscosity, which may affect the blood supply of brain, heart and lung, and the impact will be more significant.

in order to prevent this situation, when you can’t quit smoking, you should hold back at this time point. When you just get up in the morning, you should supplement water and exercise your body. Don’t smoke immediately, so as to avoid excessive acquisition of harmful substances in it and affect lung function.

if you can’t quit smoking, you need to be careful, because many people will want to smoke all the time even after dinner. But just after the meal, the body should provide more blood to the stomach for digestion, and keep the digestion function normal. After digestion, the nutrients in the food can also be absorbed by the human body.

many people smoke at this time. The harmful substances in tobacco enter the blood circulation rapidly. As the blood is transported to other parts of the body, their function will decline due to the influence of harmful substances in tobacco. In order to avoid this kind of situation, we should refrain from smoking at this time point, improve the digestive function and avoid the decline of important organ function in the right way.

if you can’t stop smoking, don’t smoke before going to bed at night. Many people will feel uncomfortable without smoking and find that their sleep quality has declined. This indicates that the body has been excessively dependent on tobacco, but smoking before going to bed will lead to the decline of lung function and increase blood viscosity due to the acquisition of harmful substances inside.

in the process of sleeping, the brain, heart, lung, etc. need to complete normal life activities and have enough blood supply. If the blood is thick, the circulation speed is slow and the blood supply is insufficient, the function of these important organs may be decreased. Therefore, this time point should not smoke, to prevent serious lung injury.

if you want to promote your health, you should refrain from smoking at some time points and promote your health through the cultivation of good living habits. Otherwise, the harmful substances in it will be too much, and the lung will be damaged obviously. Other organs may also be affected and their functions will be reduced. Focus