You have the Milky way in your eyes: a picture to understand the popularity of “Meitong”

The contact lens is directly attached to the tear layer of cornea, which is compatible with human eye physiology and achieves the purpose of vision correction. < p > < p > Meitong is a special trademark of Johnson & Johnson company. It is a series of contact lens brands with cosmetic effect designed by Johnson & Johnson company for the Asian market. The English trademark is 1day Acuvue define. On August 23, 2004, Johnson & Johnson applied to use Meitong as a special registered trademark in China. The expiration date of the trademark is September 27, 2029. Now, Meitong has been widely referred to as the whole category. < p > < p > Johnson & Johnson is also the first company in the world to use sandwich technology to produce contact lenses with cosmetic effects. Color contact lenses are generally divided into three layers, two transparent contact lenses with a professional pigment coating sandwiched in the middle, like a sandwich. < / P > < p > according to the research statistics of Guosheng securities, the global ophthalmic medicine market increased from US $24.7 billion in 2015 to US $33.7 billion in 2019, with a compound growth rate of 8.0%. According to the data of Alcon, the global market of ophthalmic medical devices and vision care products reached US $23 billion in 2017, and the compound growth rate is expected to be 4% from 2018 to 2023. Among them, the market scale of vision care in 2017 was about 14 billion US dollars, and the market size of contact lenses was about 8 billion US dollars, accounting for 57%. If the market scale of ophthalmic products and ophthalmic medical devices is 58.6 billion US dollars in 2019, the market scale of ophthalmic products will be about 58.6 billion dollars. < / P > < p > specifically for the Chinese market, China’s optical lens Market in 2018 includes line%, among which, contact lens and nursing fluid increased by about 20% year-on-year. In 2019, the sales scale of Meitong’s offline and e-commerce channels is about 10 billion yuan, and the whole industry’s yoy is about 25%, and the online growth rate is faster. According to the prediction of mob Research Institute, the market size of China’s Meitong industry will reach 50 billion yuan in 2025, and China is expected to become the most important market in the world. Behind the considerable data forecast is the huge number of myopia population in China and the youth of myopia population. According to the magazine < / P > < p > 60 years ago, 10% – 20% of Chinese people suffered from myopia. Nowadays, the myopia of teenagers and young people is as high as 90%, and they are becoming younger and younger. As of 2019, China’s population of myopia glasses is about 460 million. The myopia rate of high school and college students in China continues to rise by more than 87%, and color contact lenses account for a large part of the sales of the whole contact lens industry. One of the important reasons why color contact lenses are so popular among consumers is that, like frame glasses, they solve the problem of myopia. The difference is that they lose the frames that look orthodox and are not easy to look beautiful and convenient, but also make the eyes brighter and more attractive. < / P > < p > in this article, from the perspective of investment, we decompose China’s contact lens terminal market from both vertical and horizontal dimensions: < / P > < p > look at the evolution trend of the industry behind its continuous winning more users: from the vertical axis, it changes from the earliest pharmaceutical products to consumer goods, and then iterates into fast-moving consumer products, and then superposes the beauty explosion to further develop into beauty and beauty To change. So, how does this happen? Looking at the development and changes of Meitong in the United States, Japan and South Korea, and then return to the situation of China’s domestic market. From the horizontal axis, what is the innovation formula of consumer goods entrepreneurship represented by Meitong in China? The development of contact lens and color contact lens industry in China is not earlier than that in developed countries, but it has the potential to become the most important market in the world. The judgment is mainly based on the following factors: < / P > < p > trend 1: as the third type of medical devices with high risk category, contact lenses show a trend from medical products to consumer goods, from consumer goods to FMCG in the demand side, supply side and channel end. < / P > < p > trend 2: as a disposable consumer goods, daily toss is more and more favored by young consumers because it has the advantages of more safety and health, more convenient to carry and less eye diseases. With the popularity of short cycle throwing products, especially daily throwing, the overall market size of contact lens and color contact lens market will show exponential growth, and users’ LTV will be greatly improved. < / P > < p > trend 3: contact lens wearing rate will increase with the improvement of national economic level. According to the Research Report of Morgan Stanley, China is not only the country with the highest proportion of vision correction population in the world, but the myopia rate of young people is increasing year by year, but the contact lens wearing rate is still low, about 10%, far lower than 32% in Japan and 34% in Taiwan. < / P > < p > trend 4: China is expected to become an important region to drive the growth of global contact lens category consumption. With the continuous pursuit of Chinese consumers for more beautiful, better and happier categories, the acceptance of color contact lenses is increasing. In 2017, the Asia Pacific region contributed more than half of the world’s sales of color contact lenses, with mainland China, Japan and China Taiwan pushing the industry growth the most. < / P > < p > trend 5: the cosmetic trend of contact lens is more and more obvious. More than 30% of the consumers in the online channel purchase non degree color contact lenses. At the same time, the proportion also tends to increase with the age. As a part of the overall make-up, more and more consumers buy Beauty pupil in order to match the whole make-up, wear, hair accessories, to achieve the effect of eye decoration and beautification. < / P > < p > trend 6: as domestic brands gradually replace imported brands, the popularity rate of Meitong will be higher and higher. Chinese brands are more sensitive to changes in consumer demand, channel changes, new traffic changes, and changes in new technologies. They know how to cater to China’s new generation of young consumer groups, and then enjoy the multiple dividends of category growth, supply chain transfer, media channel change, etc., and become emerging leading brands. < / P > < p > in 2016, Douban started with an article describing the experience of wearing contact lenses in the United States. Even if you haven’t matched glasses and contact lenses in the United States, I think many friends have heard that the steps of getting glasses in the United States are complicated. < / P > < p > first of all, in American hospitals, invisible ophthalmologists and ophthalmologists are two departments. Secondly, if you need contact lenses, you need to make an appointment for an optometry, which is usually completed by a professional contact lens doctor. In addition to checking the eyelids and fundus, the doctor will also understand the medical history, genetic history, etc., and then determine your corneal radian and degree. In addition, the doctor will help you to choose the appropriate wearing cycle. After a trial, he will give you several pairs of contact lenses. You can take them home and try them on for a period of time, and then ask an ophthalmologist for a re examination. If there is no problem, you can buy contact lenses. < / P > < p > but that’s not over. When buying contact lenses, you must follow the doctor’s advice, including brand, style and cycle. The sales platform will verify the clinic and doctor information provided by consumers. If there is any difference, you can’t buy it. If you want to change the product, sorry, you need to go through the previous process again. < / P > < p > it is precisely because of the complexity of the above process that a large number of posts have appeared on the Internet in recent years, expecting to buy contact lenses more easily and conveniently. Some e-commerce platforms try to step over the inspection steps to make the purchase of contact lenses less laborious. From the perspective of policy and regulation, the situation of Meitong in China is not much different from that in the United States. Contact lenses belong to three categories of medical devices in China, and have been reminded that there is a risk of injury and disability when implanted into the human body. In 2012, the State Food and Drug Administration officially brought Meitong into the scope of medical device supervision. < / P > < p > decorative color flat contact lenses contact the cornea directly, and they are managed according to the third category of medical devices with higher risk category. The product can be produced, sold and used only after passing the safety and effectiveness evaluation and obtaining the medical device registration certificate. Manufacturers of such products need to obtain. Businesses operating such products need to obtain. < / P > < p > if you need to wear decorative color flat lens contact lenses, you should purchase from the medical device business enterprise with relevant business license qualification, and confirm that the purchased product has obtained the medical device registration certificate. Do not buy unregistered products from informal businesses or online shops for cheap price. Wearing color contact lenses has the same requirements as contact lenses. The eye health examination should be carried out in accordance with the product manual and the guidance of ophthalmologist. The lens should be operated, worn, extracted, cleaned, disinfected and preserved. < / P > < p > interestingly, compared with the United States, the sales channels of Meitong in China are much richer, and the purchase methods are extremely convenient. For example, in the United States, contact lens is a medical consultation, and then you can prescribe medicine with a prescription. In China, buying contact lenses is more like going to the pharmacy to buy medicine. < / P > < p > in China, as the three categories of medical device products with high production and sales thresholds, it is not a complicated and troublesome thing to buy contact lenses or color pupil products in regular shops that meet the regulatory requirements, no matter whether you go into the mall or visit Taobao tmall. It is not too different from purchasing a daily necessities. < / P > < p > it can be said that the convenience of online channels accelerates the purchase of contact lenses or beauty lenses to be more rapid and digestible. This is what we call the color contact lens category from medical supplies to consumer goods. < / P > < p > say goodbye to the tedious American style, which requires multiple on-site inspection by doctors and optometrists, short-term trial wear, and long-term determination of wearing. We believe that the trend of medical products becoming consumer goods in China’s invisible ophthalmoscope terminal market is taking shape. < p > < p > at first, Meitong of South Korea became popular in China, and it was an annual product packed in glass bottles. In recent years, short cycle products have become popular. In neighboring Japan, the same is true. Since 2011, the Japanese government has no longer approved the license for the sale of contact lenses for more than one month. However, as there are still stocks on the market that need to be digested, a four-year buffer period has been reserved. In 2015, the four-year buffer period has come, and the products of the above cycle in the Japanese market last month can no longer exist legally. In the same year, a new deal issued by Japanese law stipulates that since April 2015, it is forbidden to sell contact lens products for more than half a year. It is determined that the protein deposition of such long-term products cannot be eradicated, and the incidence of complications is high, which is unfavorable to the eyes. < / P > < p > it is obvious that the Japanese government regulates the use cycle of Meitong by law, largely for the purpose of protecting consumers’ health. Interestingly, as a result, it has boosted the rapid growth of Meitong market in Japan. Because the shorter the life cycle, the greater the consumption. < / P > < p > if you look at China again, the short-term beauty pupil products are also popular. The number of related notes in xiaohongshu is a kind of mapping. Search the keyword “annual toss” in Xiaohong book, and display 30000 + notes; search monthly toss, find 20000 + notes; and search daily, the number of notes is as high as 80000, far more than the sum of annual and monthly toss. < / P > < p > the data of a Meitong production enterprise can also prove that the company has started mass production since mid-2019