You know, acute urticaria is mostly eaten! Besides the food, these are also killers

First briefly introduce urticaria, urticaria clinical manifestations are diverse, can be in the skin, can be in the mucous membrane, duration can be long or short, symptoms can be light or heavy, can have itching can not.

the acute urticaria I introduced to you today is very easy to see that acute urticaria has a rapid onset, rapid progress and serious symptoms. It often causes rash, severe itching and restlessness in a few hours. Some people even have general reactions such as palpitation, shortness of breath and fever.

the main manifestation of patients with acute urticaria is that there will be edema on the skin, which we call the wind mass. It can subside in tens of minutes to a few hours, generally not more than two hours.

but sometimes we may not care about these itches. Therefore, when we touch a rash higher than the skin, accompanied by paroxysmal pruritus, we should pay attention to whether it is urticaria.

the most troublesome thing about acute urticaria is pruritus, which is often very severe. People can’t help scratching, and even want to break the skin to relieve itching, which seriously affects work and rest. For patients with the first attack of urticaria, itching is more obvious and difficult to endure.

after proteins in some foods have not been digested into the human body, the human body will regard it as an intruder, which will trigger the human immune system, and then produce antibodies against them. When the same protein enters the human body again, it will produce severe allergic reaction, and the body will also show symptoms such as wind mass, itching, diarrhea, etc.

the animal food causing urticaria includes fish, shrimp, crab and milk, and plant food includes mushrooms, strawberries, tomatoes and walnuts. In addition to food, there are other factors related to urticaria. Let me explain them one by one.

similar to urticaria caused by food entering the digestive tract, respiratory tract will also inhale many small particles suspended in the air. In most cases, these particles will be discharged from the body with the exhaled gas and sputum, which will not cause allergic reaction of the body. However, a small number of people, especially those with allergic constitution, inhale these substances in the respiratory tract Can produce allergy, appear urticaria, cause this kind of allergic reaction material has, pollen, animal dander, dust, cotton wadding and so on.

emotional fluctuation, emotional tension or depression can also lead to urticaria. According to the survey, some young people may have small systemic wind masses after exercise, mental stimulation and emotional change, but they will disappear in about half an hour.

physical factors include pressure, friction, illumination, etc. if the original skin is damaged and scratches are left, after receiving physical stimulation, it is easy to produce measles along with the scratch distribution, but after the physical factors are removed, urticaria will subside by itself. Chemical substances vary from person to person, some people come into contact with amine, membrane derivatives will appear acute urticaria.