You should pay attention to the deficiency of Yang Qi. You can drink one thing after meals, which is healthy and convenient, and makes you energetic

Introduction: as we all know, in traditional Chinese medicine, men belong to Yang and women belong to Yin. When a man is full of masculinity, people will praise him for his majesty and manliness. But in real life, with the passage of time, getting older, at this time, the body will be a little bit less Yang.

Angkor, 39, is the boss of a home appliance game city. The business of the video game city is better than that of the other city. He is also very happy. He feels that he is now in the golden age of high spirits, with experience, status and career success. But recently, he didn’t mean to tell his family and friends that he always felt that his back was sore and he was afraid of the cold. Angkor is a man with a little male chauvinism. How can a man admit his back pain? For a man, he thinks the kidney is bad. Go to the street to ask, a few men will say their kidney deficiency.

if a healthy person is carrying heavy objects or engaged in gravity work for a long time, he will feel back pain and recover after a night’s rest. However, people with insufficient Yang Qi are not the same. If they move a little, they will have low back pain, leg weakness, and feel that the whole person is collapsed.

if Yang is strong, the blood supply of hands and feet is sufficient. Even in winter, hands and feet are warm. People with insufficient Yang Qi will have cold hands and feet due to blocked transportation of Qi and blood, and the nutrition needed by hands and feet can not keep up.

it is said that the most profitable part of beauty salons is hair transplantation. Many male friends go there more often than women. Because men are short hair, if often hair loss, the head will obviously appear a piece of baldness, probably love the beauty of men can not stand it.

it is recorded that wormwood can return to the Yang and dispel dampness and cold. It is the time for Artemisia argyi to grow in spring and summer. At this time, you can take advantage of the sunshine, enjoy the spring at the same time, gather more moxa grass, and bubble feet with moxa grass at night. The effect of Artemisia argyi can penetrate into the human body through the skin and the acupoints on the sole of the foot to help promote Yang Qi. If massage is added, the effect will be better.

when Yang is not enough, you should go out for a walk, especially in spring, when everything is in full bloom. Run outdoors, smell the fragrance of spring, improve the immunity of the body.

now we all pay attention to the beauty of white, so many men are afraid of being tanned. In fact, proper sunbathing can promote the absorption of calcium and help prevent osteoporosis. In addition, ultraviolet rays in sunlight can help kill bacteria and improve human immunity. If you don’t want to get sunburnt, take protective measures.

according to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body should be harmonious between yin and Yang, with solitary Yin not growing and Yang alone not long. No matter which side has more, it will destroy this harmony and cause various kinds of discomfort in the body. The book recommends polygonatum, raspberry, ginseng and cinnamon, which can improve the body’s Yang Qi.

conclusion: Yang deficiency is a problem that can not be ignored for male friends. If there are the above three characteristics, we need to pay attention to it. Once the body loses too much yang qi, its health will be seriously damaged. If you are aware of your Yang deficiency, you can try the above-mentioned methods to regulate your body and improve your Yang Qi. HEALTHY LIFE