You think Baoma doesn’t like to have long hair because of these three reasons. The first one is very dangerous

Many mothers are reluctant to cut their hair when they are 10 months pregnant. After all, the hair is not long in a day. However, the long hair that is not willing to be cut off with a big belly during pregnancy suddenly feels less important after giving birth to a baby, so it is cut off at once. < / P > < p > tell me about the experience of lazy mothers. When I was pregnant with Dabao, my hair was relatively short, especially before I gave birth, I specially went to cut a short hair, and then I kept it slowly after the child was four or five years old, because I didn’t intend to have a second child at that time. But then there was a plan to have a second child, and my hair grew. During my 10 months’ pregnancy, several people suggested that I cut my hair, but I didn’t give up at all. During pregnancy, I just resisted cutting it. < / P > < p > it takes about three months to give birth to a child. If you can’t bear it, go to the barber’s shop and cut the long hair to the waist. I believe that the reason why some other mothers cut their hair after giving birth is similar. < / P > < p > during a child’s confinement, he or she will not have any big movements except eating or sleeping. When the child is 2-3 months old, the child will not only raise his head, but also learn to grasp his hands. At this time, the child will still eat breast milk. For example, when she wakes up in the morning or at other times, she will hold her baby and feed her baby without dressing, and her long hair falling on her chest will be caught and pulled by the child Sometimes even Bao’s mother’s hair is pulled down. < / P > < p > the second situation is more serious. Baoma’s hair is long and has not been dressed. Sometimes, the entanglement between the hair and the hair is very messy and tight. If the child grabs it in her hand and stirs her five fingers around, her hair will be tied to a knot, and the child’s fingers will be twisted too tightly to bleed. In order to prevent the baby from being hurt, Baoma will cut her long hair short. < / P > < p > I saw a treasure mother complaining that she fainted in the bathroom while washing her hair in a certain forum. What’s the reason why Baoma fainted while washing her hair? < / P > < p > in fact, before the baby is born, the pregnant woman’s body is in a state of balance. If the child is suddenly born, the balance will be broken. In addition, if a woman gives birth to a child, whether it is a natural birth or a cesarean section, she will lose blood in varying degrees. The blood of the human body carries iron, the most important substance in human body development, and the maternal body will be weak for a long time State, some treasure mother can’t stand will have dizziness and other phenomena. < / P > < p > the longer a woman’s hair is, the longer it takes to wash her hair. In addition, if she bends down to wash her hair for a long time, it will not only lead to insufficient blood supply to the head of the pregnant woman, fainting on the ground, washing her hair many times, and bending down for a long time, the more likely it is for the woman to leave back pain. And cut short hair, shorten the time Baoma wash hair, usually do not need too much time to take care of hair, Baoma can have more time to recover, but also reduce the above mentioned accidents and reduce the incidence of maternal low back pain. The levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), estrogen (ER) and progesterone (PR) in a woman’s body increase to decrease from pregnancy to the end of pregnancy, and then return to the hormone levels when they were not pregnant. In addition, after delivery, women may suffer from hair loss in varying degrees due to poor diet, mood and staying up late. < p > < p > hair loss in this situation is different from the usual hair loss. Baoma lost her hair less than a year after delivery, which was very serious, such as on the bed, bedroom floor and living room. Almost all the places she visited had her hair. Even when she combed her hair, no matter whether her hair was knotted or disordered, there would be one A lot of hair falls on the comb, which usually lasts for months before it recovers. < / P > < p > when she stops losing her hair, Baoma may find that her hair in one place of her head is all gone, and the hair next to her can’t stop it. It looks very abrupt. When she thinks that her hair will grow again in the future, and then look at the long hair on her chest, she will feel even more sad. Although cutting her hair can’t change the place where she lost her hair, she can at least let it go The place with bare hair is no longer as abrupt as before. In the future, new hair will grow, and it will be even with the longest hair. < / P > < p > otherwise, it may appear that most of the hair is stuck to the scalp, and some of the new hair grows out there, which is very contrary. < p > < p > after giving birth to a baby, Baoma doesn’t have to cut her hair short, but it will take you a long time to care for her hair, but it’s not a good choice for Baoma who takes care of her baby alone. But if Baoma thinks that these hair will not hinder her, if she has the time and energy to care, there is no need to cut her hair specially. After all, even with her children, she also wants to make herself beautiful. < / P > < p > it’s better to tie up the hair at ordinary times, so as not to catch the baby’s hair on his hand when he is sucking or playing. It’s even worse for the baby to put his hair into his mouth or wrap it around his fingers. If the hair is tied up, it will at least reduce this probability, and also can avoid Baoma being caught by the baby pain. Even if the baby catches the hair in a month or two, we will not let the baby’s hair get dirty, but we will not let the baby’s hair get dirty after a month or two It’s also very dirty. If you put this little hand in your mouth, it will be very unsanitary. < / P > < p > no woman does not love to be beautiful. Many Baoma mothers would like to perm and dye their hair when their children are very young. In fact, this is a very normal thing. Moreover, doctors have also said that even if they dye and perm their hair during lactation, they will not have any impact on the quality of milk. < p > < p > but lazy mothers still suggest that Baoma should not perm or dye their hair, because when Baoma usually takes care of her children, the baby will often come into contact with her mother’s hair. Although these chemicals will not directly enter the milk, they may enter the baby’s mouth through the baby’s small hands, causing some bad effects. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, generally, after a few months of postpartum, Baoma’s hair loss is very serious. This cycle usually lasts for 4-8 months, or even longer. During this period of time, no matter where she is at home, she will find her own hair, which may be on the dining table, on the chopping board, maybe in the washbasin, more likely in the bed, or the baby’s Clothes, in short, are everywhere. It’s very difficult to avoid these changes. After all, changes in hormone levels cause changes in the body, and we can’t change them. Then Baoma should be more diligent to clean up and clean up more, and try not to let the hair appear in the wrong place at any time, so as to prevent the baby from touching at any time or even putting it in the mouth. < / P > < p > of course, this can happen even for short hair, and we should also pay attention to it, but for the same amount of long hair, it seems that there will be more long hair. < / P > < p > in fact, it is easy to understand the behavior of Baoma. After all, most of Baoma mothers need to take care of their children for a long time, which is the most normal practice. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!