Your shoes need washing! Don’t you know about shoe washing

It can be seen that there are obvious stains on the vamp at the beginning, and the position of the top and middle sole is also the dirtiest. After cleaning, it’s a lot cleaner, but the leather creases and the worn parts of the toe cap are not too clean. < / P > < p > the effect of the beeper is similar to that of goto products. The overall cleaning strength is good, but there are obvious marks at the crease position and toe friction position. < / P > < p > cleaning methods for canvas shoes, you can choose a hard brush to clean them. There are some stubborn stains, it doesn’t matter to use a little force. < / P > < p > for white canvas shoes, the cleaning difficulty of the beeper can be imagined. But the overall cleaning effect is very good, but the problems of tongue blackening and laces fixed mouth yellowing have not been thoroughly cleaned up. < / P > < p > you can see that the whole beeper is obviously clean, but the details are not very well cleaned. In particular, the black block at the serious part of the tongue, the fixed mouth of the laces and the rubber part of the toe cap. < / P > < p > cleaning method for coconut, flyknit and other woven vamp, soft brush is needed, and the method of circle is used for cleaning. You can choose to use a bristle brush in the insole. < / P > < p > in fact, this pair of coconuts is not very dirty, and the key cleaning positions are the toe cap and the shoe mouth. I believe everyone’s coconuts are also dirty here. You can clearly see that it’s quite clean, especially the position of the shoe’s mouth, but there is still a little stain on the toe. < / P > < p > cleaning method for shoes with suede and suede, pay more attention when cleaning. First of all, you need to wipe the vamp with a wet tissue to confirm whether it is easy to fade. If it is very easy, cleaning is not recommended. < / P > < p > it’s really difficult to clean the suede of the beeper, and you can’t use too much force. Before and after the contrast is obviously a little clean, but there is still a little trace of toe friction. < / P > < p > the beeper can clearly see that the shoes are much cleaner, as if a layer of dust has been removed. The middle sole on the outside is also very clean, but the black oil on the toe cap is only a little bit removed, not very clean. < / P > < p > cleaning method for the more complex stitched vamp, it is better to use different materials without brush to clean, in order to prevent vamp damage. < / P > < p > the suede part of this pair of shoes is obviously clean, but it is not thoroughly cleaned. There is no obvious stain on the artificial leather part of the toe cap. Luanban