You’re too toxic to yourself with skin care products like this!

Ladies and sisters, have you ever mixed clothes? There must be, different styles of clothing after clever collocation, you can bump out of the same surprise sparks. Some younger sisters like to match with skin care products and buy the main products of different brands at one time to create a mixed skin care style. In the eyes of these little sisters, everything can be built. But is that really the case? Can skin care products be used casually? It’s OK to mix and match products with different efficacy, but some ingredients in it are likely to poison your face! This article strongly suggests collecting and sharing with your friends! < p > < p > salicylic acid, fruit acid and various other acids are actually acids. Acids must not be mixed and used frequently. Even if you like to brush acid again, one is enough. Acid ingredients are stimulating ingredients. Excessive use of acid brushing products will easily damage the skin barrier and the immune system of the skin. In serious cases, it will also make you become sensitive muscle, which is easy to burst acne, allergy, and red blood streaks. It should be noted that salicylic acid itself is toxic, too high concentration of salicylic acid is not suitable for use on the face. As we all know, star whitening ingredients can not only whiten but also remove freckles. Nicotinamide is added to many famous brands. However, nicotinamide can not meet the acidic ingredients, which will reduce the weak alkalinity of nicotinamide, resulting in the hydrolysis of nicotinamide, and the formation of nicotinic acid also has irritation to the skin, which will lead to skin redness and sensitivity! For example, the main ingredient of SK2 small light bulb is nicotinamide, which mainly whitens and resists spots, but if it meets VC, the skin care effect may not be so good. Not only high concentration of VC, any other acid ingredients can not actually be mixed with nicotinamide, when you choose products, remember to look at the ingredients Oh! < / P > < p > in fact, a lot of skin care products contain a small amount of alcohol, so we don’t have to be so afraid of alcohol. In addition to sensitive muscles, alcohol is an excellent solvent in skin care products. Alcohol can effectively control oil and optimize the use of skin care products. However, for the protein structure containing oligopeptide and hexapeptide, alcohol will also decompose their structure and affect their efficacy and activity. They will not achieve the original skin care effect, so next time do not mix alcohol containing skin care products with protein skin care products, so your skin care is afraid to protect a lonely!

as we all know, vitamin A Acid Whitening and anti aging super strong, but its side effects are also strong, will cause fetal deformity, is a lot of cosmetics prohibited ingredients. Alcohol a is mild in nature, so it is often used as a substitute for tretinoin. However, when a alcohol meets a high concentration of acid, the two acids will break the acid-base balance of the skin, making the skin too acidic, leading to dry and sensitive skin. So dry sensitive skin, must be careful with these two ingredients. Avoid adverse effects of skin care. < / P > < p > A alcohol belongs to the component with strong effect, which is easy to stimulate the skin, but its anti-aging effect is also worthy of affirmation. If you need an ingredient to make up for its deficiency, you can choose to use ceramide. Ceramide is a kind of component that can be used by sensitive muscles and other skin types. It is relatively mild and can repair the skin irritation caused by alcohol a to a certain extent. < / P > < p > a alcohols and nicotinamide are already widely used fairy ingredients. First of all, nicotinamide is a versatile ingredient, which can not only whiten and anti-inflammatory, but also repair and moisturize; and alcohol a is famous, which is a pair of blown fairy CP. Nicotinamide is an essential component of whitening, highly effective and anti-aging ingredients. He combines the two, in the same old age, at the same time can also take care of whitening. The combination of these two components is complementary. Nicotinamide weakens the irritation of a-alcohol and has the whitening effect of nicotinamide. < / P > < p > in fact, the combination of salicylic acid is not limited to hyaluronic acid, but other ingredients with moisturizing effect can be used, such as squalane. Because every time salicylic acid brushing acid will be accompanied by more or less stimulation and damage to the skin barrier, at this time, if the moisturizing ingredients can play a moisturizing and repairing effect after brushing the acid, it will get twice the result with half the effort and greatly reduce the damage caused by salicylic acid. < / P > < p > some combinations can make the effect of effective ingredients better, and some combinations may hurt your face, so we must be cautious and cautious about mixing and matching skin care products! Today’s skin care knowledge to share here, I’m Shilu, we’ll see you tomorrow! PARRENT&CHILDREN