Youth is not an excuse, stay up late is not a night is life!

Sleep time is the most relaxing time for everyone. Sleep takes up one-third of human life. In other words, if a person lives to be 70 years old, he has been sleeping for nearly 20 years. But nowadays, staying up late seems to be the norm for many young people.

more and more people are used to staying up late. Even for them, staying up late has become a part of life. I think we all know that staying up late is harmful to your health, but you still can’t control yourself. Every night with the most expensive mask, stay up the last night. Over and over again, I overdraw my life.

our bodies are like mobile phones. We must be fully charged with enough electricity every day to continue to work well. In other words, sleeping every night is equivalent to a charge, and after opening your eyes, it is equivalent to discharging. Therefore, if you want to be fully charged with electricity, you must not stay up late at night and go to bed in time. Because only they have enough sleep, let the body get enough relaxation, the next day can have full spirit to face life.

maybe people stay up late for different reasons. Some people work one day during the day, and only the time at night is their own free time. So these people will make full use of their hard won free time to play games. Because they feel that the work and life during the day is very hard, and if it was not forced by life, they would not do that. Therefore, the evening time is very precious for them.

Maybe in their eyes, staying up late at night to do what they want to do has become their own reward. But in fact, although they say that they can stay up late to do what they like, but all this is based on overdraft of their own health conditions.

some people have to stay up late to work overtime because of their own work. Like a sister of mine, she worked as an intern in a company after she graduated from university. Because she attaches great importance to her internship opportunities and wants to devote herself to her work and strive to become a full-time teacher after the internship. So she became the Iron Lady of their company. Every day when I go to work, I try my best to finish my work during the day, and at night I will find materials to learn and improve my new skills. At that time, it was common to go to bed in the morning every day.

However, it can be said that Kung Fu pays off the people who have the heart. After her internship, she successfully became a full-time employee and left a very good impression in front of the company leaders. Not only that, she has also learned a lot in these months, and her ability in other aspects has also been improved. Perhaps the leader saw her efforts in other aspects, so leaders attended various activities and were willing to take her to learn more.

my sister got what she wanted by constantly overdrafting her body. But since then, her body will have problems from time to time. Finally one day, her body was completely exhausted. That morning, my sister was still working in the company. Suddenly he got up and wanted to pour a glass of water. But in the distance between her seat and pouring tea, she fainted. After being sent to the hospital, the situation was not optimistic.

at that time, her colleagues in their office sent her to the hospital. The doctor told them that it was a sudden myocardial infarction and she needed surgery. After knowing the news, the parents rushed over immediately. Fortunately, my sister is looking for a job in her hometown, and it’s not too far away from home. Parents can arrive in the shortest time after knowing that the elder sister is hospitalized in this primary school.

that experience really shocked us. Sister’s rescue is very smooth, but after the operation, you should pay attention to your body. I know that after experiencing this time, my sister will definitely pay attention to her body and will not be as desperate as before. Because this operation is really terrible! No one thought that my sister would get myocardial infarction when she was so young.