YSL Saint Laurent beauty 2020 Christmas limited series show up wild

Gold and sparkle are Mr. Yves Saint Laurent’s eternal love. In 1982, leopard print was born in YSL autumn and winter Gaoding fashion series. Its wild and sexy power coincides with the brand’s uninhibited, bold and free style, so it has become one of the eternal charm symbols of the brand. In 2020, YSL Christmas limited series pays homage to the classic leopard print elements, and presents the wild and bold new YSL leopard print with graceful and gorgeous red fire and shining gold, releasing the incomparable wild charm of YSL women. The

YSL outlet party is the 2020 Christmas limited series, designed to make the most beautiful make-up and perfume products, and the pursuit of the ultimate instinctive nature of free women. The series includes YSL square tube lipstick, three classic perfume YSL free water, YSL reverse Paris perfume and YSL black Olympic fragrance, and the 2020 expected Christmas wrapped YSL high definition eye shadow disc and YSL high gloss air cushion, and the Limited gift box brings surprises for Christmas, helping you get rid of the bondage of the wild in this carnival season.

‘s red leopard print, dazzling golden flashes, perfectly integrated with the modern black gold tube. YSL square tube lipstick 2020 Christmas qualifying has become the essential lipstick for everyone’s attention. Two classic hot colors, in line with the fashion of autumn and winter, with a red lips, no fear of adventure and stimulation, so that you always occupy the party focus. < / P > < p > n ° 1 positive red – rich and delicate, it is the poster lip color of Kaia Gerber, YSL Saint Laurent beauty global makeup spokesperson. < / P > < p > YSL water of freedom, which is shining gold, is put on a new suit with cold black leopard print, and decorated with the bold and bright golden overturned Cassandre brand logo, bursting out the powerful power of wild women, as wantonly as I am. In terms of fragrance, it combines the cool lavender and charming orange blossom with the classic structure of Fuqi flavor, releasing the extraordinary personality of hardness and softness, and wantonly displaying the beauty of modern and independent women. “Wear” YSL free water to shuttle through the party crowd, passing by, high cold posture, people looking for fragrance. As in the past, pink is the color of

. The bottleneck of YSL reversal of Paris perfume is the first time to wear black gold leopard tie, and its bottle shoulders are gleam with gilt. When romance meets rebellion, it will produce an adorable temptation. In addition to the prism cut glass bottle, the dazzling and intoxicating fragrance is even more fascinating – fresh and romantic bergamot, dazzled and dazzled mandala and warm and long Pogostemon are blended, sweet and elegant, enchanting and sexy coexist, sending out a sweet love atmosphere that stirs people’s hearts.

YSL San Laurent high fixed eye shadow 2020. Christmas is restricted to a wild red leopard pattern decorated with golden flashes, and the traditional usage of eye shadow is thrown away. The multi color incarnation is made into a versatile coloring dish. Limited products contain 4 fine flash eye shadow to depict deep eyes; 4 fine and high light color, can be used in the eye, also can be used to brighten the facial contour; and 2 cheeks red, gently sweep the cheeks to show the complexion. This Eyeshadow plate with a combination of color and practicality can easily create casual makeup for any scene without fear of any challenge and adventure, and will carry out wild rebellion to the end. < / P > < p > the YSL ink air cushion, which is easy to carry around, has changed the classic base make-up. This time, the new YSL Saint Laurent high light air cushion 2020 Christmas limit is specially introduced. With a new formula, pearlescent gold makes you shine wherever you go. With mini design, every dancing moment of the party can become your highlight moment. < / P > < p > the most important thing to miss in the Christmas season of 2020 will be the Christmas countdown gift box for the YSL party. When the festive atmosphere comes, open every rebellious interesting small drawer, every YSL star product will bring you the climax of Christmas surprise. The gift box contains a full range of brand names including lipstick, perfume, makeup and skin care.

also wears the golden and red leopard print boxes that are cool and cool, and the four outfit limited gifts boxes of the YSL Outfit Party, the fragrant gift box and the YSL square tube. The YSL free water, the YSL reverse Paris perfume and the classic square tube lipstick will all become your choice in this holy season. “Wear” classic perfume, put on the classic lipstick color, wear full makeup, wild with nature. Focus