YSL Saint Laurent beauty makeup PURE SHOTS high energy repair double skin refreshing essence new listing

YSL women pursue independence and forge ahead bravely in the city with a fearless attitude. However, the fast-paced life in the city makes their skin dark and rough, with coarse pores and other problems. In January 2021, YSL St. Laurent beauty PURE SHOTS high energy repair series launched a new double skin refreshing essence water, with water and oil dual texture, nourished at the same time, clear skin, uniform skin color, rejuvenate the skin, endow YSL women with a solid foundation to challenge urban life. < / P > < p > YSL Saint Laurent beauty has always believed that skin problems should not become an obstacle for urban women to pursue a better life. In 2020, we launched the highly innovative PURE SHOTS high energy repair series, represented by the queen Night Essence of YSL, including 5 ingredients: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C essence, peptide essence, moisturizing essence, and moisturizing cream. The addition of new double moisturizing essence water can satisfy the needs of more urban women.

double skin refreshing essence contains Morocco Acanthopanax seed oil, which can repair skin barrier, deeply nourish the skin while helping the skin firmly lock moisture, thereby effectively improving skin moisture. The synergistic effect of

double skin refreshing essence LHA salicylic acid derivative and AHA fruit acid can effectively reduce the secretion of skin oil, gently remove the old waste keratin, clear the skin, and the skin will be smoother after prolonged use.

3% Morocco Acanthopanax oil, collocation of 97%LHA salicylic acid derivative and AHA fruit acid, the double moisturizing essence of the water is made of a scientific and precise ratio, which can deeply moisturize the skin while gently removing keratin and clear excess oil. Oil moistens and nourishes, delicate and bright, and makes skin transparent. Focus