Yuan Shanshan’s waistcoat line is very old. How to train and maintain it for a long time

Everyone would like to have a good figure. However, there are not many people who are born with good figure, but there are not many people with good figure. The reason lies in their efforts after tomorrow. When we become thin from fat, when our body proportion becomes better through training, our temperament will change greatly. Therefore, some people say that slimming is equivalent to cosmetic surgery. In addition, we can also change people’s views on us through the change of our own body. And speaking of this point, we have to say that Yuan Shanshan, because she can be said to have reversed the evaluation of netizens through the change of her figure, so she is known as the goddess of inspiration, the goddess of waistline, etc.

of course, her success in slimming from a slightly fat body and her own efforts are inseparable from her own efforts. However, since the first time she was exposed to the vest line, her good figure and the waistline have basically not changed. Just like she said, “this little vest has been 5 years”. When we see her dynamic, we will sigh how she keeps the vest line online when we sigh how fast the time flies? Actually speaking of this point, we can find out the answer by looking through her movements, because her exercise and fitness behavior has never been interrupted, and it is this persistence that has kept her good figure for five years. Of course, she should continue to maintain it, because when the exercise habit is developed, it is difficult for us not to exercise.

so, for us, it is one thing to want to lose fat and train a vest line, and another is to maintain it for a long time. In the stage of fat reduction and training, we will have a stronger motivation because we want to effectively thin down and train the vest line. When the goal is achieved, our motivation will gradually decrease, so from this point of view It will be more difficult if you keep your training results for a long time. However, as long as efforts are not impossible, we just need to do the following points, can also make their own slimming and shaping results online for a long time.

in order to lose and maintain weight, it is very necessary to control the diet. However, we should not treat diet too harshly in order to make ourselves lose weight faster or not rebound after losing weight, because this will make our body and mind unable to resist the temptation of delicious food and lose control. Therefore, we may as well reward from time to time under the premise of reasonable diet control Encourage yourself instead of feeling guilty because of a big meal. Occasionally comforting your stomach will help us to stick to it for a long time.

during the period of fat reduction, in order to make ourselves thinner faster, we will choose some high-efficiency fat burning exercises, such as aerobic exercise, HIIT, etc. The purpose of this is to better expand the daily calorie consumption, so as to combine with diet to achieve the purpose of fat reduction. However, when we have successfully reduced fat, we can turn the form of exercise to strength training Because the advantage of strength training is that it can increase muscle content and accelerate fat burning, but this process is relatively long, so during the period of fat reduction, strength training is not given priority to. When we want to maintain weight, strength training is more effective and long-term. Of course, in the selection of training movements, we should try to choose some compound movements to do.

regular abdominal training should be carried out during the period of fat reduction, vest line training and subsequent maintenance. During the period of fat reduction and shaping, the purpose of exercising vest line is to increase the thickness of abdominal muscles, so as to make the apparent abdominal muscles clear and beautiful. During the maintenance period, we should avoid the loss of abdominal muscles, Regular abdominal training or should adhere to, of course, in terms of abdominal training time, each training about 15 minutes, 3-5 times a week.

to sum up, the ultimate goal is not to effectively reduce fat and train the vest line, but the ultimate goal is how to maintain it for a longer time. Therefore, after achieving the goal of owning the vest line, we can relax appropriately, but we can’t do as we like. We should control our diet and keep training.

so, let’s share a group of home-based abdominal training exercises. In this group of movements, we can train the whole abdominal muscles, including the core. Moreover, if we don’t have time during the day, we can also train before going to bed, because we only need about 15 minutes.

lie on your back on the yoga mat, put your upper body on the ground, hold the yoga ball in both hands and lift it up over your head. Keep your feet apart from the ground and keep your lower back on the ground. Lift your legs up with your abdomen and move your arms forward to pass the ball to your feet. Then control the speed, drop and restore your arms, lift your arms up over your head, and then lift your legs up in the same posture Pass the ball to both hands

, lean over, arms are under the shoulders, support on the yoga mat, elbows slightly bent, legs back together and straight, lower legs on the yoga mat, back straight, core tight to keep the body stable, abdominal force to drive the legs bend forward rolling yoga ball to the top of the action, stop, contract abdominal muscles, and then slowly return to the starting state of the action in the opposite direction

lie on your back on the yoga mat, with your legs bent and knees apart about the same width as your shoulders. Step on the ground with your feet on the ground. Keep your hands close to the ground. Keep your lower limbs stable. Your abdomen is the main force to get up. Notice that your shoulders, upper back, and lower back get up from the ground to the top of the action. Then your arms alternately punch to the side and front, and then return to the initial state in the opposite direction

lie on your back on the yoga mat, stick your upper body to the ground, open your arms to both sides and put them on the ground. Keep your legs close together and straight. Keep your feet off the ground and keep your lower back on the ground. Use your lower abdomen to drive your legs to lift up, and then land to your side. When you reach the top of your action, you can lift up again and land on the other side. Control the speed and feel the contraction and extension of your abdomen Zhan

bent over, arms under the shoulders, supported on the yoga mat, elbows slightly bent, back straight, core tight, legs back together and straight, feet on the toes to keep the body stable, do not shake, tighten the abdomen, then one leg remains motionless, the other leg swings to the side to the toe point, then retracts, and completes the other side movement

to ensure the quality of movement 30-4 seconds after each exercise. Pets