Zhang Jizhong, a 69 year old famous director, becomes a father again. His children are both worthy of congratulations. His mother is only in her 30s

Du Xinglin, 69 year old director Zhang Jizhong’s assistant, wrote on September 11: “in the afternoon of September 10, xiaohuaxian arrived as promised”

the news that Zhang Jizhong, a 69 year old director, will become a father again has been a hot topic in the past two days. I look at the old director in the photo who looks like Xie Xun, the Golden Lion King. His hair is gray, and he is holding a child about one year old. He looks like a grandfather and grandson. I didn’t expect it was his son, not to mention his son, who was not two years old, and gave birth to another daughter. It’s true that both children are worthy of congratulations.

but Jingma finds that Du Xinglin, the mother of her child, looks very young. It turns out that Du Xinglin is only over 30 years old, more than 30 years younger than Zhang Jizhong. Moreover, it is said that the last doctoral student born in 1980s is a high intellectual.

at that time, Jingma didn’t know what Zhang Jizhong came from. After checking the Internet, she found out that she was a wonderful director, such as Xiaoao Huhu, Tianlong Babu, Shendiao chivalrous couple, legend of Shooting Heroes, Kung Fu Panda and so on. He is a man who can use his talent to attract women’s admiration.

Wang Gang became a father again at the age of 60, and Wang Shi had a son at 67. Han Meilin, a famous painter, gave birth to his son at the age of 82, and his mother was much younger than his father.

after her third marriage, Zhong Rita married a younger husband, and now she is eager to have a child for her husband. I often hear that she is adjusting her body and wants to prepare for pregnancy, but there is no news.

Yi Nengjing, who is also an old wife and a young husband, is not as lucky as her ex husband. Do test tube baby tardy not succeed, almost give up, finally naturally pregnant, and give birth to a child also can not bear a lot of hardships.

in childbearing, men only need to provide one healthy sperm, and they choose one healthy sperm from hundreds of millions of sperm. But women are not the same, not only have healthy eggs, but also have a healthy uterus, healthy body, pregnancy nutrition, mood and so on will affect the health of the fetus.

our human body is like a machine. It is easy to have problems with parts after using it for a long time. After the age of 40, it is a great challenge for women’s physical limit to be pregnant and have a child.

even if you are pregnant, you are more likely to have gestational diabetes mellitus, pregnancy induced hypertension, kidney disease and other problems that affect the health of the fetus, and sometimes even have to give up pregnancy.

as long as the father is useful at the moment of fertilization, but the mother is to accompany the fetus throughout the fetal period. Any problem in any link will affect the health of the fetus, so the mother’s childbearing age will be shorter, because for the mother, the physical requirements of childbirth will be higher.

does it mean that the oldest male can have a healthy child? Is there no problem for a man to have a child at an advanced age? In fact, this is not the case. Male children born at an advanced age will face many problems.

sperm activity, concentration and morphology will also change with age. If the wife has strong fertility, but the husband wants to have children, it will also be affected.

the study found that after the age of 39, the annual decline rate of fertility of men is 21% ~ 23%. When men are over 45 years old, the waiting time for women’s pregnancy will increase by five times.

for example, women are 28 years old, and their fertility is no problem. A 30-year-old man is pregnant after two months of pregnancy, but a 45 year old man needs more than 10 months of pregnancy before his wife can conceive.

after getting old, many men generally choose to do IVF and IVF because of poor sperm quality. However, studies have found that the survival rate of embryos is higher when men are younger, that is, if they want to use their own sperm as test tubes, they may not succeed.

Jingma had a sister who had been married for three years and had miscarriage three times. Finally, she was dismissed by her mother-in-law as having no fertility. Her sister, a primary school classmate, admired her from childhood and did not dislike her. After hard pursuit, her sister finally agreed to marry him. Unexpectedly, her sister was pregnant again within two months of their marriage, and the child was still very healthy. She went to work until she had a child. After the child was born very cute, now has been in primary school, every test is the first in the class.

if men are too old, the spontaneous abortion rate of women will increase. When men are over 45 years old, the probability of spontaneous abortion of wives is twice that of women under 25 years old.

when the father is older than 45, the risk of fetal malformations increases by 48%, such as cleft lip and palate, congenital heart disease and limb deformity. Low birth weight increased the risk of preterm infants by 19% and 13%, respectively. When these children are born, they may grow up with sympathy or discrimination, which is very unfair to children.

if a father gives birth to a child at an advanced age, the incidence of autism and mental and emotional disorders will increase. Think of an old father with a crying child href=” https://luanban.com/cai-shaofen-stopped-pregnancy-for-the-first-time-the-4-indexes-on-the-b-ultrasound-sheet-in-the-early-pregnancy-were-used-to-see-whether-the-fetal-development-was-good-or-not/ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not