Zhang Ruoyun has a hot search for ten pounds of fat after a baby meal. Her father to be suffers after her pregnancy, but she is embarrassed to say that

It is also very common for a wife to put her husband on a fat diet during confinement, which implies the husband’s care for his wife. Many dads complained in the comment area that scientists in Newfoundland, Canada, tracked 34 fathers to be and found that 15% – 65% of men during their wives’ pregnancies also had “pregnancy reactions”, such as vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal bulges, leg cramps, etc., which are collectively referred to as “birth syndrome”. < / P > < p > this kind of male pregnancy reaction mostly appears in the husband who has a good relationship with his wife and cares about his wife. The excessive tension makes the female hormone in the body rise and his personality becomes tender and considerate. < / P > < p > the wife will find it very interesting, but men are often embarrassed to say to others that on the one hand, they will feel the pain of their wife for a while, on the other hand, they feel very shameless. Due to the special family identity of men, the family responsibility of men is heavier than that of women. It is easy for two people to bear the expenses of two people. He will worry in advance that he can bear the baby diapers, milk powder, tuition All kinds of expenses? < / P > < p > he will not tell his wife about the economic pressure. If he wants his wife to have a good child, he can only bear the heavy burden of economic pressure alone and try to be relaxed in his life. < p > < p > novice dads are at a loss about the pain of a woman’s pregnancy, and feel remorse when they see their wives sad and powerless, just as straight men can only say “drink more hot water” to their female aunts. < / P > < p > at the door of the delivery room, there will also be fathers to be worried about his wife and children fainting. Almost every father to be is afraid of his wife’s accident at the moment when his wife enters the delivery room. Out of nervousness, this worry will not be expressed to outsiders. < / P > < p > in the United States, almost all men will become pregnant. “Is the child really their own?” especially after childbirth, women focus on their children and ignore their husbands. However, a small number of men worry that they may secretly observe the appearance of their children, the attitude of their wives towards themselves, or go for paternity testing. In the process of suspicion, I am embarrassed to tell others about “family scandal”. < p > < p > Zhang Ruoyun is a typical imbalance of body management. During pregnancy, the maternal appetite is changeable. If you like to eat today, you will not like to eat tomorrow. The rest can only be filled into her husband’s stomach. In addition, with the large amount of supplement during the period of confinement, the weight gain will become faster and faster, which is out of control. As we all know, it is not easy for women to be pregnant, but a qualified father to be has to go through multiple hardships. Husband and wife should understand each other and welcome the arrival of the baby. HEALTHY LIFE