Zhang Yuqi also gave her sisters a great gift? The price is not cheap, you can buy a suite in the county

Ride the wind and waves the elder sister once again, in August 11th, some netizens broke the news Zhang Yuqi gave gifts, and this time is the expensive skin care gift box.

according to the site map sent out by the netizen, these skincare gift boxes are divided into several boxes and placed in the corridor. The staff are taking them out of the boxes and putting them in place.

it was reported that Zhang Yuqi not only gave gifts to each sister who participated in the program, but also specially prepared gifts for several tutors, dance teachers and vocal music teachers, with high Eq.

it is understood that the price of skin care products of this brand is not low. From the product page, the price of facial cleanser of this brand is almost 1000 yuan, and the prices of other products in the official flagship store of the brand are even more staggering.

this time, Zhang Yuqi is a gift box set of skin care products, and the price will only be higher. Therefore, it is reliable to say that the value of each skin care product is about 10000 yuan.

if we calculate it by 10000 yuan per share, 29 sisters will be 290000 yuan. In addition to the three tutors of the program, Zhang Yuqi spent at least 320000 yuan, which is still the price obtained without counting the number of other teachers.

this is not the first time Zhang Yuqi has given gifts since she participated in the show. It has been reported that she often invited staff to drink milk tea during her participation in the program.

who doesn’t love such a big sister? It can only be said that the elder sister is worthy of being a sister. Zhang Yuqi did not forget his tutor and several other teachers this time, which made people have to praise a high Eq.