Zhao Liying gets up early to exercise and forgets to turn off the camera. The room is like a garbage dump. It’s a true portrayal of a baby born

Many women will have a lot of changes after giving birth to a baby. For example, they don’t have time to dress up and tidy up their own things. For women, the most important figure and appearance will also face great changes after birth. < p > < p > recently, Zhao Liying, who had been silent for a long time, finally returned to the audience. Before her marriage, Zhao Liying was recognized as a model worker in the entertainment industry. However, after choosing to marry and have children, she also insisted on taking a rest at home for more than half a year. Now the body has already recovered well, and joined a restaurant variety show. < p > < p > in the program, Zhao Liying is still diligent. In order to maintain her figure, she always insists on getting up early to keep fit. No wonder Zhao Liying’s figure is still the same as that of a girl after her birth. This is also a good result of her self-discipline living habits. < p > < p > originally, Zhao Liying’s room was very chaotic. The cosmetics on the dressing table were placed randomly, the luggage on the floor was also scattered on the floor, and a lot of miscellaneous things were put on the bed. But Zhao Liying quietly closed her eyes and lay on the bed to rest. It seemed that she had no time to tidy up the scattered things in the room. At first glance, the room looks like a dump. < p > < p > in fact, Bao’s mothers are busy with their children’s housework every day, so they can’t stop at all, so they can’t spare time to tidy up their own rooms. It seems that even very self-discipline stars can not escape this common phenomenon after birth. < / P > < p > after many pregnant mothers give birth to their children, they still look like they have a big belly during pregnancy, as if the baby in their stomach has not yet been born. In fact, this is the child in the mother’s stomach, the uterus after the cause. In addition, pregnant mothers rarely exercise during pregnancy, often eat a lot of tonic, all kinds of fat is also relatively easy to accumulate. < / P > < p > if pregnant mothers don’t pay attention to exercise after childbirth, their abdominal fat is still very prominent, and the original smooth and tight abdominal skin also grows ugly stretch marks. I believe that many beautiful mothers can’t bear these conditions. Therefore, if Baoma people love beauty very much, they should make their own weight-loss plan as soon as possible after production! < / P > < p > some pregnant mothers may love to make up before giving birth, but they give up their usual hobbies for the sake of children’s health during pregnancy. Even after giving birth to a child, I still choose to live a plain life. At this time, the reason why the mother did not pay attention to make-up has become that she usually has too much pressure to take care of her children and family, so she has no time to care about her own dressing. < p > < p > maybe as soon as she wakes up in the morning, Baoma has to do housework and take care of her children, without stopping for half a minute. When I have free time, I just want to lie down and have a good rest. < / P > < p > many Baoma may have complications in the process of giving birth, and even their own life safety is at risk. Even if they are successfully recuperated and discharged safely, their health is not as good as before. Besides, the pressure of taking care of the newborn is very big. Many Baoma know that the newborn will cry every few hours in the middle of the night. At this time, adults should be busy to feed the baby, change the diaper, etc. < / P > < p > adults can’t enjoy complete sleep at night, and they may have to go out to deal with work and other things during the day. They are tired physically and mentally after a period of time, and they often lose their hair and feel uncomfortable. < / P > < p > so I hope netizens don’t ask for a treasure mother with harsh eyes, because you can’t feel the same way with this treasure mother, and you don’t know what other people have experienced in life! If you are the family of Baoma, please pay more attention to the health of Baoma at home, and if necessary, take the initiative to help Baoma share the parenting pressure. Don’t let Baoma bear everything alone. 08/16/2020