Zhao Liying’s bedroom was exposed, the “pelvic bone setting device” on the bed attracted attention: I understand the pain of baby birth

Giving birth to a child is to consume all the essence that a woman has raised for decades. It is painful to give birth to a child, but it is happy to raise a child. Many women who have not had children are particularly afraid of having children.

the harm to women’s body caused by giving birth to children is particularly obvious in the pelvic position of the body. If there is pelvic problem, urine leakage may occur when going to the toilet. Even the bright and beautiful female stars in front of the screen can’t avoid the damage caused by giving birth to children. Zhao Liying, an actress with a high national popularity, is also facing the problem of pelvic injury.

in the recent fire of Hunan Satellite TV’s variety show, Zhao Liying was very tired because she managed the financial affairs of the Chinese restaurant, but the income of the store was not so good, so she went to bed in her bedroom.

careful Netizens found that there was a pelvic prosthesis instrument beside Zhao Liying, which was needed when the puerpera gave birth to a child and the pelvic recovery was not so good.

even well-known and wealthy female stars are unable to cope with the harm brought to their bodies by childbirth, which makes more women deeply sympathize and say that they have experienced such an experience. What kind of harm does childbirth do to a woman’s pelvis? Can these injuries be improved or avoided?

muscle is very important to our body. We can use our hands and feet flexibly. In fact, we do not rely on the backbone of our limbs, but rely on the power of each muscle to accurately move the bones of the body.

similarly, because the pelvic muscle floor of the pelvis is too heavy during pregnancy, the whole muscle will no longer be as elastic as before, nor can it work normally. The urine always leaks out and the urine is always missed. Women are particularly embarrassed. Tang Wei, a big star, said she had trouble with urine leakage after giving birth. Pelvic floor muscle injury is a headache for female stars.

after giving birth to a child, one can see the traces of childbirth by looking at the body. This is because the crotch and buttocks of a woman who has given birth to a child will have obvious and huge changes, which can be easily seen by others at a glance. This is because women’s pelvis widens after giving birth, and the weight in the stomach during pregnancy is too heavy, and the pelvis is deformed. It’s like a basin, it’s always full of water, and it’s going to deform.

after pregnancy, pregnant women always like to sit with their legs open rather than with their legs closed. One of the reasons is that the two legs are separated, which can reduce the heavy pressure of pregnant women and make them relaxed and comfortable. The other is that the pelvis of pregnant women has been opened, and the lower part of the pelvis has also widened, so it is difficult for women to close their legs.

after childbirth, if the maternal does not pay attention to the problem that the pelvis is open and open without recovery, the waist will also be bent, no longer straight, and the legs will be twisted, which will have a greater impact on the whole female body and figure.

if the pelvis has fallen seriously, the abdominal cavity cannot be placed properly. At the same time, the pelvic bone of female lower body is always open and not closed. It is easy to be invaded by external pollutants or bacteria, resulting in internal bacterial infection or virus infection in women. Inflammation will occur, and it is necessary to constantly regulate gynecological diseases. At the same time, the pelvic cavity is also easy to accumulate water, and is not easy to discharge, there are problems such as pelvic effusion.

since a woman’s pelvis has suffered from 10 months of pregnancy and childbirth, which has caused so much damage to the pelvis, is there any way to repair the pelvis so that the pelvis is the same as that of no fertility? The answer is yes.

two weeks after the birth of a child, mothers in Europe and the United States will immediately engage in pelvic repair. Even if they hold the baby, they are advised by the doctor. When holding the baby, they need to rest and exert strength, so as not to increase the burden on the pelvis. And they will do some Kegel exercises.

some women with good physique will recover their pelvis after two months of giving birth to children. Although the recovery is certainly not as good as before, but compared with the time of just giving birth, it will still recover a lot.

pelvic injuries caused by childbirth are not irreparable and can not be remedied. All puerperas must seize the golden period of recovery and exercise in the three months after birth. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!