Zhao Shuhai revealed that his son Zhao Youting gave a birthday present and joked that he only wanted his granddaughter

According to Taiwan media, on the 15th, Zhao Shuhai held a press conference for his personal album. Tomorrow, when he was 70 years old, the production unit specially prepared a cake, which made him shed tears. When asked about his birthday wish, he said that he hoped that songs and picture albums could be seen by more people. Zhao Shuhai said that he had celebrated his birthday with his family last night. “The 60th birthday is grand, but it’s OK when he’s 70, and it’ll be great when he’s 80.” he revealed that his son, Zhao Youting, saw his mobile phone for three or four years, and then sent him a new one with his brother and brother. Zhao Shuhai said with a smile: “I’ll want everything my son gives me.” as for whether his daughter-in-law Gao Yuanyuan has given gifts? “They are married now, and the husband and wife are one,” Zhao said Due to the epidemic situation, he and Zhao Youting haven’t seen each other for seven months. Zhao Shuhai joked: “I don’t want Zhao Youting. I want my granddaughter.” He revealed that he often had video chat with his granddaughter. At least once a week, he released a limited number of 888 albums. Zhao Shuhai specially selected his son’s favorite number first. He revealed that Zhao Youting had chosen “521” and said with a smile: “from the album number, you can see the most important thing in a person’s heart. Zhao Youting chooses his daughter’s birthday. If they don’t have a daughter, they will be happy About it. ” Home